Top 5 Senior-Friendly Online Degree Universities

Top 5 Senior-Friendly Online Degree Universities

If you are passionate about something as a senior, but learning it means you have to enter a classroom full of youngsters, you automatically feel discouraged. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, because online programs now exist! We have compiled a list of universities which offer online degree programs to help you on your journey of learning new things even as a senior.

Mississippi State University 

Mississippi State University for Agriculture and Applied Science, commonly known as Mississippi State University, is a public land-grant research university adjacent to Starkville, Mississippi.

This is the university with the most online options on our list. On offer are 40 different online courses, in which you can earn all types of degrees except postgraduate. Fields of study span from psychology to business.  Furthermore, any senior who is over 60 and a resident of Mississippi can commit to up to 18 credit hours annually completely free of charge, according to the Online College Plan.

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, is a public research university in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Twin Cities campus comprises locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul approximately 3 miles apart, and the St. Paul’s location is in neighboring Falcon Heights.

This university offers a whopping 50 online degree courses divided over various degree levels. Seniors are not limited to a specific set of career paths either. You can study anything your heart desires, from accounting to business administration to even IT! 

University of West Florida

The University of West Florida (West Florida or UWF) is a public university in Pensacola, Florida. Established in 1963 as a member institution of the State University System of Florida, the University of West Florida is a comprehensive research university without faculties of law or medicine, a space-grant institution, and the third largest campus in the State University System, at 1,600 acres (6.5 km2). The main campus is a natural preserve that is bordered by two rivers and Escambia Bay. The university’s mascot is an argonaut and its logo is the chambered nautilus.

With almost 20 online degree courses in various popular fields such as nursing and public health to name a few, University of West Florida opens their services wide for any seniors willing to learn. Furthermore, they have a tuition waiver program for seniors, which will write off up to 90% of their tuition if they qualify. Seniors are also welcome to attend any classes they are interested in, no strings attached. 

University of Washington

The University of Washington is a public research university in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1861, Washington was first established in downtown Seattle approximately a decade after the city’s founding to aid its economic development.

With 18 entirely online degree programs[5], University of Washington welcomes all seniors who wish to dedicate themselves to learning. All degree levels are possible to earn except postgraduate. These online programs can be finished in a year’s time. On the other hand, if you wish to audit some classes which seem interesting to you, there are a ton of options in their catalog to choose from. 

Pace University

Pace University is a private university with its main campus in New York City and secondary campuses in Westchester County, New York. It was established in 1906 by the brothers Homer St. Clair Pace and Charles A. Pace as a business school. Pace enrolls about 13,000 students in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. It offers about 100 majors at its six schools. The university also offers an MFA in Acting through The Actors Studio Drama School and is home to the Inside the Actors Studio television show.

Pace University welcomes both just curious seniors as well as those who are set on earning that degree. There are plenty of programs on offer that cover associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, as well as some which cover higher degree levels. The unique thing about this university which earned it a place on our list is their Pace Encore Transition program. It is made specifically with seniors in mind. Along with earning credit and a degree, through this program, you can learn many life skills necessary for functioning successfully in the contemporary world such as handling your resources, technology, and previously unknown tools. Career coaches are also available for consultation for those that seek a career change in their golden age.


Our list is but a sampling of what is available. Because you are in your golden age doesn’t mean you cannot fulfill your dream of earning a degree if you so please. Make use of the online programs which are more affordable and more accessible than ever before. Consider your lifestyle, your area of interest, and just go for it!

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